Neighbourhood Trust

The Neighbourhood Trust project aims to strengthen local capacity to encourage community building through leadership. By utilizing local skills and partnerships, the Neighbourhood Trust will support resident leadership that encourages culture, vitality, creativity and economic well being.

One of the most exciting features of the Neighbourhood Trust is the creativity and dedication residents put into their work. Not only are they emerging as leaders of the community, they are examples of residents creating positive social change.

Since its inception in 2009, Neighbourhood Trust has supported 18 resident-led initiatives, including a children’s soccer club, and adult literacy group, and a youth cooking club. We have provided 92 residents with skills development opportunities and have connected many resident leaders with local community mentors.

What is “The Point”?

The Point is a vibrant neighbourhood space where residents can learn about and connect to opportunities to build their community. It is dedicated to supporting resident aspirations for their community and is home to Storefront’s Resident Leadership Strategies team, Residents Rising Community Association and the City Studies program of the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus.

4117 Lawrence Ave East, Unit 100A
Scarborough, ON M1E 2S2
Phone: 647-347-1693