Eco-Food Hub

The East Scarborough Storefront’s Eco-Food Hub is a place that nurtures the spirit of collaboration around food, learning, sharing and green initiatives in Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park (KGO).  It is a place that demonstrates the capacity of people who can overcome poverty, marginalization and isolation in inner suburbs through the belief that community matters, and are leaders in connecting to the Earth, food, and each other.

The Eco-Food Hub is an important part of the Storefront’s thriving service-delivery hub, acting as a nucleus for the community and organizations to connect to each other.  It is a creative and practical space where individuals come together daily to share their knowledge and expertise in forming a stronger collective. The Eco-Food Hub is a place where eating, cooking, environmental sensibility and caring intersect to help sustain healthy community and cooperation.

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It is home to budding local entrepreneurs as they test new ideas and take charge of their futures; local residents coming together to teach each other and refine their skills; and where youth learn how to maintain, and the benefits of, a healthy life style.  Utilizing and preserving home-grown items from the community garden, and through committed partner agencies, such as the 5N2 Foods, Sangamum, Seed-to-Table, the DeRo Foundation and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), the Eco-Food Hub is a place where KGO comes together to share meals, share their lives, and share in building a better, healthier community.

Non-profits looking to access the Eco-Food Hub can contact Shane Beharry, Manager Community Resource Connections at 416-208-9889 ext.23or at

For entrepreneurs in the KGO area who want to access the Eco-Food Hub, contact Sanah Manickam, Local Economic Opportunities Specialist at 416-208-7197 ext.42 or


What’s New at the Eco-Food Hub

The Eco-Food Hub continues to attract programs that bring people together such as the Plate-It-Up program facilitated by Salmina Sabah, Pradheepa Simonpillai and Connie Tong. This eight-month program begins in October and fuses ceramics and culinary arts for youth (ages 13-18) in Kingston/Galloway-Orton Park. Participants will be provided with a meaningful art-based experience in clay while cultivating opportunities for creative expression and collaboration, culminating in a community exhibition where participants will serve dishes they made on the ceramic wares they created.

Connie Tong, Salmina Sabah, and Pradheepa Simonpillai in the Eco-Food Hub Kitchen

Connie Tong, Salmina Sabah, and Pradheepa Simonpillai in the Eco-Food Hub Kitchen

More information about this and other Eco-Food Hub programs are available by calling the Storefront at 416-208-9889 ext. 21 or e-mail at

This program is generously supported by ArtReach and Toronto Arts Council. You can find out more information about these organizations by visiting their websites: and


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