R.O.S.E. Garden

Roots of Scarborough East Community Garden:

The R.O.S.E. garden is a development of an old water tower site in the fall of 2007. R.O.S.E garden provides opportunities to the residents of Kingston-Galloway to grow fresh vegetables and share traditions between multicultural communities and generations. ROSE garden also encourages community members to create their own sustainable environment, and most importantly to build capacity and a sense of community.

More than 30 plots have been allocated to community members living in the apartment buildings on Galloway, Kingston Road & Orton Park. Several beds reserved for community groups and volunteers wishing to grow fresh produce for donations to the local food bank.

Benefits of ROSE garden extended far beyond original expectations. It became a natural habitat for community members to relax and enjoy, especially for those who live in the apartment buildings overlooking the garden! This garden is maintained by community members.