Upcoming Changes at The Storefront to serve KGO and the wider community even better!

Thanks to dozens of organizational partners and hundreds of local residents, The Storefront is growing!

Here at the Storefront we begin 2018 with a renewed commitment to the KGO community.

In February the Resident Leadership Team will be moving to 4040 Lawrence Ave. E. – where they will join other Storefront staff and partners, KGO resident leaders and volunteers in making the KGO community be all it can be!

In response to many requests from individuals, organizations and funders for us to share what we know we are formally establishing the Centre for Connected Communities (C3). Beginning in February, C3 will be housed at 4218 Lawrence Ave. E. and The Storefront’s administrative staff will be sharing the space with us.

To make all of this possible, we will be vacating our space at The Point effective January 26th, and look forward to working together with all of you to making the upcoming year the best it can be!

2018 looks to be a really exciting year in KGO.  Thank you for all you do for the community!  Please let a staff member know if you have any questions or ideas about the plans for the year ahead.

You’ll find a poster version of the above text below.

If you’re able to and would like to help us offset moving expenses, donations are always appreciated and are welcome in person, online at our secure site anytime, or over the phone by contacting Nadia (our Donor Relations Coordinator). She’s in Mon.-Fri. 9am to 3pm at 416-208-7197 ext.27. Thank you!

Anne Gloger: Community builder and winner of the 2017 Jane Jacobs Prize!

The Storefront is beyond proud!

From Spacing Toronto: “The Jane Jacobs Prize is an annual award that celebrates individuals who contribute to the fabric of Toronto life in unique ways that exemplify the ideas of Jane Jacobs. The prize recipients reflect the diverse aspects of city life.”

Anne was asked on CBC’s Metro Morning recently, “How does it feel to win this prize?”
She answered: “It feels incredible! Jane Jacobs stood for everybody creating cities together, and that’s exactly what East Scarborough Storefront Stands for and that’s exactly what The Centre for Connected Communities stands for, and I feel so honoured that the synergies have been recognized in this way.”

Spacing Magazine also wrote this wonderful article about Anne, which is set to appear in the January 2018 issue.  There’s also a great article about the second 2017 Jane Jacobs Prize winner, Kofi Hope who leads at The Careers Education Empowerment  Centre for Young Black Professionals

Anne is so very appreciative of everyone who came out to the prize ceremony, and to all of our East Scarborough Storefront and Centre for Connected Communities champions and supporters, near and far!

Anne strongly believes that this award rightly and truly belongs to all people who live, work and play in the Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park neighbourhood – and also all the people beyond the neighbourhood who have invested their time, talent, energy, resources and great care towards intentionally building a vibrant and connected community together.

The Storefront is a living example of the Connected Community Approach, and has learned many valuable lessons about community building by employing this approach. The Centre for Connected Communities’ work is to share those lessons with others who want to build their own vibrant and connected community wherever they may be.

Are you connected to this amazing community yet?  Please check out these links where you can find support, volunteer, donate, or get involved in another way. We also invite you to join our mailing list to learn more and stay connected:

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Thank you! Here’s how YOU built community together in 2017:

Today, I’m offering a HUGE THANK YOU for all the ways you have contributed to The Storefront in 2017. Thank you to all the volunteers, donors, funders, staff, residents, and anyone and everyone who is rooting for us!  I thank you for giving your time, energy, money, and heart to the Storefront!  Thank you for attending meetings and events and spreading the word about us and inspiring others to learn more and do more – together!

All of these things you have been doing are creating a more connected community in East Scarborough.
Please read on…I hope you enjoy learning more about some of the accomplishments you helped to make possible in 2017. I also hope you will join us in building an even more vibrant and connected community together in 2018.
With gratitude,

Anne Gloger
Principal and Director
East Scarborough Storefront

Sport for Change (S4C) is inspiring kids to make positive contributions to their community, while having fun and developing sports skills. In 2017, 100 kids played together AND cleaned up the neighbourhood, conducted a safety audit, and got their neighbours involved in activities at The Storefront. They even organized what was intended to be a “small” tournament that attracted over 225 young soccer players from all across Ontario!
Your support is creating more opportunities for play and connection!

KGO-ACT (All Community Together) is helping youth-serving organizations learn how to better support youth by fostering youth leadership. Working with local organizations, 45 young people have been sharing their views and voices.  The impact of this is that local agencies have been able to learn from the youth and to adjust and develop programs that are more effective, appealing and engaging for local young people.
When you give to The Storefront, you support collaboration, youth leadership development, and better youth programming across the whole neighbourhood!

East Scarborough Works is engaging job- seekers, employers,and training partners in strengthening the local job market, and creating real training opportunities and real jobs for local people. Your generosity fuels activities that connect all these different groups of people together. You are creating pathways for people to get from un- or under-employment to training opportunities and to meaningful, decent work.

Tower Neighbourhood Renewal is a collaboration of resident leaders and community partners who are working together to transform outdoor spaces in the 2 apartment towers immediately adjacent to The Storefront so that residents have more opportunities to gather, interact with one another and get involved in healthy outdoor activities.  Your gifts make these collaborations and outcomes possible!

The Service Hub supports people by connecting them with information and support. Some people come for help – finding employment, accessing settlement, legal, wellness and other services. They can get on-site support from our employment team or one of our 35 social service partners. And essential to The Hub are volunteers, like our 2017 Tax Clinic Volunteers shown above. Thanks to you, we were able to be open on Saturdays, so these volunteers could help 430 people file their tax returns, bringing more than $430,000 back to families in KGO.

special shout out to funders and donors who have made gifts in 2017 (so far!)

  • Employment Ontario – Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development
  • Ontario Trillium Foundation
  • United Way Toronto and York Region
  • City of Toronto
  • George Cedric Metcalf Foundation
  • Dow Canada
  • Friends of the Pan Am Path
  • Richard and Colleen Peddie Foundation at Toronto Foundation
  • Patricia J. Fleming – FBG Fund at Toronto Foundation
  • Kiwanis Toronto Foundation
  • Toronto Foundation
  • RBC Grants – Employee Volunteering
  • West Hill-Highland Creek Lions Club
  • Action Honda
  • Individual and Family donations

Join these amazing people who believe in creating a community where everyone can thrive!  If you haven’t had a chance lately:

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You can also help in other ways:

  • share this page with people you know who would be interested in our work.  Please copy and paste the link to this page and share on your favourite social media platform or via email.  The link is:  http://www.thestorefront.org/news/thank-you-heres-how-you-built-community-together-in-2017/
  • Learn more about and get involved in our #GivingTuesdayCA campaign
  • Volunteer with us!  Contact Dip for more info.
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#GivingTuesdayCA – Nov 28, 2017

2017 Thanks from Staff - Giving Tuesday


What is Giving Tuesday?  

Most people know about Black Friday and Cyber Monday  …now GivingTuesday is coming to Canada on November 28, 2017.

It is a new Canadian movement for giving and volunteering, taking place each year after Cyber Monday. The “Opening day of the giving season,” it is a day where charities, companies and individuals join together to share commitments, rally for favourite causes and think about others.

-from www.givingtuesday.ca

What will Giving Tuesday look like at The Storefront this year? 

We of course, will gratefully welcome your generosity any time you wish to offer it!  You can donate here securely any day of the year!  For #GivingTuesday, we’d LOVE to have your perspective! Won’t you please tell us WHY The Storefront matters to you? Tell us:

  • Why you visit The Storefront
  • Why you volunteer at The Storefront
  • Why you donate to The Storefront
Giving Tuesday Post - comments


What does The Storefront mean to you?

Please do GIVE it some thought, and on #GivingTuesdayCA on November 28th, 2017 please GIVE us your perspectives on why The Storefront matters to you. 

If you want to get social, you can download, print and write in your perspective on this sign then take an “UN-selfie” with the sign, and post to social media (see the end of this post for an example).  We’re on:

Twitter: @StorefrontKGO
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/storefrontkgo/

If you’d prefer to share in a more private way, you can connect with Nadia Heyd at nheyd@thestorefront.org or 416-208-7197 ext 27 or complete this quick online survey.

Many thanks!

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Local Champions

Janet Fitzsimmons is a longtime Storefront Staff member, and currently is Manager of Community-based Learning at the Centre for Connected Communities, an initiative of East Scarborough Storefront.

Recently, Janet was featured on smallchangefund’s “Canada 150+: Changemakers of Canada,” where she was asked for her hopes for Canada 150 years from now:

“150 years from now, I hope there is no need for community workers and social agencies. I hope communities are celebrating diversity and inviting more people to the table to be part of the solution.”

In smallchangefund’s profile on Janet, she shares “The Local Champions Project is a partnership between the City of Toronto and the Centre for Connected Communities that includes 21 residents representing 14 neighbourhood improvement areas across Toronto. The goal is to take what has been learned over the past 17 years about supporting place-based neighbourhood development and share it with local residents who are eager to affect change….

Please read the full profile at smallchangefund