Spring is on the way…these upcoming Storefront events say so!

Spring just HAS to be around here somewhere!

As many people trying to access our building have learned this week, last weekend’s storm caused our roof to leak and our building to close for a few days. 🙁

We are doing our best to continue serving the KGO Community from our other site (please call for details before heading out to visit us – 416-208-9889). We are also choosing optimism 🙂 as we share with you some upcoming spring-like events being hosted by The Storefront!

Please save the dates, follow the links to learn more, and plan to join us for as many of the upcoming events as you can:

It takes everyone to build a strong community, so YOU are an important part of  KGO.  Your feedback, involvement and support fuels what happens at The Storefront. We appreciate anything and everything you do to help build community and always welcome you to:

  • tell us your great ideas
  • volunteer your time and talent
  • donate to help our events and initiatives have maximum impact for the most people
  • share news about The Storefront with others who you think might like to learn more. If you enjoy this message, please forward it to a friend, and if you’re on social media, please follow, like and share  @StorefrontKGO on Twitter and Facebook

We look forward to seeing you soon!  Give Nadia a call at 647-347-1693 ext 22 or send an email to let us know if you’ll be joining us!



Apply NOW for “Working with People in the Social Sector.” Course starts April 30th!

NEW course: “Working with People in the Social Sector (WPSS)”
Starts April 30 – Applications NOW being accepted!

Who is this course for?
Individuals ENTHUSIASTIC to work with people in the nonprofit sector (mandatory!)
People who are Recipients of Ontario Works (also mandatory)

Screenings and interviews will run throughout the month of April and the course starts APRIL 30, 2018!  Have a look at the flyer, and scroll down below for a detailed overview of the program. (if you click on the image below, you’ll open it in a separate window and it should appear larger and easier to read.)


Detailed Course Synopsis – Working with People in the Social Sector

Working With People In The Social Sector helps participants to develop and hone
their skills using experiential learning techniques in the classroom. Participants
are supported to overcome personal challenges that act as barriers to entering
the job market through one-on-one coaching and wrap around supports.
Participants also have the opportunity to practice their skills through projects,
custom volunteer opportunities, job trials, and placements.

This 15-week course integrates the principles,skills and practices of social service
work from a social justice framework. The course covers topics related to self
awareness, interpersonal communication, group dynamics, professional
expectations, conflict resolution, and understanding the social sector (see
detailed course outline below).

Upon graduating from the course, a team of coaches will support and connect
participants to entry level jobs in the social sector or advanced educational

Course Outline:

Module 1 – Strengthening Your Skills:

Tools for self-awareness and effective engagement with others:
○ Biases and assumptions
○ Empathy
○ Self-reflection
○ Active listening
○ Sharpening verbal and written communication skills

Understanding and strengthening team collaboration:
○ Understanding and navigating group dynamics
○ Understanding organizational culture, and the role of an individual
in creating / maintaining culture
○ How teams function and your strengths when working in a team

● Understanding professional expectations of the sector:
○ Intro to social sector workplace norms
○ Group project focused on practicing your people skills

Module 2 – Learning About The Sector:

Learning about the social sector:
○ Guest speaker presentations from professionals from across the
○ Exploring sub-sectors within the social sector
○ Selecting and understanding the context of chosen sub sector
○ Expectations/norms and values in subsectors

Experiencing sector specific work:
○ 1 Week Job shadowing experience
○ 1 Week Volunteer experience with customized individual volunteer

Navigating difficult situations:
○ De-escalating volatile situations
○ Engaging in courageous conversations

Module 3 – Defining Your Career Pathway Within The Sector:

Career pathways in the social sector:
○ Hiring practices in the social sector
○ Introduction to academic bridging programs

Finding a job in the social sector:
○ How to begin your job search
○ Resume writing
○ Preparing for the interview

Experiencing sector specific work
○ 4 Week Job Trial / Placement tailored to individual career goals

Post Curriculum Technical Training Opportunities to include:

● First Aid & CPR
● Mental Health First Aid
● Diversity training
● Crisis Prevention Intervention Training

Please share this info widely with your networks and if you have any questions, please contact Momina Zahid, Community Employment Specialist at wpss@thestorefront.org or by phone at 416-208-9889

Changing the Game in KGO through Sport for Change at The Storefront


As we head into Family Day weekend, a little story about how Play is Changing the Game in our neighbourhood.

Thanks to our generous supporters, and thanks to the dedication of some amazing Resident Leaders, a team of fifteen 9-13 year-olds plays indoor soccer most Friday nights from October to May right in KGO (Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park, our neighbourhood). From Spring through Fall, 2 more teams play outdoors (this represents about 50 young soccer enthusiasts). This year marks the fourth season of Storefront’s “Sport for Change” Initiative.

S4C is a model that uses play to build community. We’ve adopted this model originally developed by the Mathare Youth Sports Association in Kenya (which has twice been nominated for the Nobel Prize!). KGO Kids/Toronto Police soccer match at The Storefront Sports CourtCalvin Kangara, our Coordinator of Resident Leadership Strategies, was instrumental in developing the model in Kenya, and when he came to work at The Storefront, he knew it was a good model to try in KGO. He was right: the kids have a great time, make friends, develop skills, and get exercise. That’s the “Sport” part.

The “Change” part: the kids make their community better – through community clean-ups, safety audits, and by S4C Community Clean Uplearning about other people and groups in the community. Adults and older youth serve as coaches and mentors, and build leadership and organizational skills through workshops they take at The Storefront. Parents volunteer, preparing nutritious food for the kids after weekly practices.


On the surface, the health benefits seem like the biggest impact. In Kingston- Galloway/Orton Park, where 24% of households are identified by City of Toronto as “low income,” access to sports and recreation opportunities is a significant challenge, especially with limited City recreation budgets. Programs like S4C fill an important need.

Going deeper, playing sports does not require perfect English. KGO is home to many newcomers, who find that S4C is an easy way to get involved, make friends and feel connected to the community. A key social value of S4C is that it empowers community members to take the lead in ensuring that everyone in the neighbourhood has access to sports, recreation, and civic engagement opportunities. S4C fosters a sense of ownership among residents for community wellbeing.

This week, we’re excited to share that The Storefront and S4C got a boost from LANXESS Canada (West Hill), who invested $5,000 to support community building through play in KGO. This adds to a contribution of $1,000 made late last year by The Caring Alliance.

We offer our sincere thanks to everyone at LANXESS and all who have contributed through The Caring Alliance S4C Appeal. Your contributions are helping everyone build community together, and inspiring others to lend their support to this meaningful community cause!

And we also offer our thanks to YOU for reading this story today. If you enjoyed this story, please share it with a friend who might also like to help Change the Game in East Scarborough.  Please reach out if you have questions about S4C or anything we do at The Storefront!

Wishing you a wonderful Family Day weekend. We hope you find some time to play!


Nadia Heyd
Donor Relations Coordinator, East Scarborough Storefront
I have a new phone number: 647-347-1693 ext. 22

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Upcoming Changes at The Storefront to serve KGO and the wider community even better!

Thanks to dozens of organizational partners and hundreds of local residents, The Storefront is growing!

Here at the Storefront we begin 2018 with a renewed commitment to the KGO community.

In February the Resident Leadership Team will be moving to 4040 Lawrence Ave. E. – where they will join other Storefront staff and partners, KGO resident leaders and volunteers in making the KGO community be all it can be!

In response to many requests from individuals, organizations and funders for us to share what we know we are formally establishing the Centre for Connected Communities (C3). Beginning in February, C3 will be housed at 4218 Lawrence Ave. E. and The Storefront’s administrative staff will be sharing the space with us.

To make all of this possible, we will be vacating our space at The Point effective January 26th, and look forward to working together with all of you to making the upcoming year the best it can be!

2018 looks to be a really exciting year in KGO.  Thank you for all you do for the community!  Please let a staff member know if you have any questions or ideas about the plans for the year ahead.

You’ll find a poster version of the above text below.

If you’re able to and would like to help us offset moving expenses, donations are always appreciated and are welcome in person, online at our secure site anytime, or over the phone by contacting Nadia (our Donor Relations Coordinator). She’s in Mon.-Fri. 9am to 3pm at 416-208-7197 ext.27. Thank you!

Anne Gloger: Community builder and winner of the 2017 Jane Jacobs Prize!

The Storefront is beyond proud!

From Spacing Toronto: “The Jane Jacobs Prize is an annual award that celebrates individuals who contribute to the fabric of Toronto life in unique ways that exemplify the ideas of Jane Jacobs. The prize recipients reflect the diverse aspects of city life.”

Anne was asked on CBC’s Metro Morning recently, “How does it feel to win this prize?”
She answered: “It feels incredible! Jane Jacobs stood for everybody creating cities together, and that’s exactly what East Scarborough Storefront Stands for and that’s exactly what The Centre for Connected Communities stands for, and I feel so honoured that the synergies have been recognized in this way.”

Spacing Magazine also wrote this wonderful article about Anne, which is set to appear in the January 2018 issue.  There’s also a great article about the second 2017 Jane Jacobs Prize winner, Kofi Hope who leads at The Careers Education Empowerment  Centre for Young Black Professionals

Anne is so very appreciative of everyone who came out to the prize ceremony, and to all of our East Scarborough Storefront and Centre for Connected Communities champions and supporters, near and far!

Anne strongly believes that this award rightly and truly belongs to all people who live, work and play in the Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park neighbourhood – and also all the people beyond the neighbourhood who have invested their time, talent, energy, resources and great care towards intentionally building a vibrant and connected community together.

The Storefront is a living example of the Connected Community Approach, and has learned many valuable lessons about community building by employing this approach. The Centre for Connected Communities’ work is to share those lessons with others who want to build their own vibrant and connected community wherever they may be.

Are you connected to this amazing community yet?  Please check out these links where you can find support, volunteer, donate, or get involved in another way. We also invite you to join our mailing list to learn more and stay connected:

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