Steering Committee

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is constituted of individuals living within the Kingston-Galloway Orton Park neighbourhood and/or working to improve the community. Thoughtful and meaningful decisions are made at the Steering Committee and every member works hard to ensure they are striving towards the vision, basing decisions in the context of The Storefront’s values and underlying philosophy, and considering how decisions will affect residents and partners and the future of Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park.



Carol Armstrong

Desiree Liu

Ian Daly

Iman Togone

Janice Simmons

Judy Doidge

Karen Hatch

Melanie Blackman

Paul Hutchinson

​Sachin Sharma

Shauna Barnett

Silma Roddau


Tides Canada Initiatives Society

East Scarborough Storefront is a project of Tides Canada’s shared platform.

Tides Canada provides a rigorous and sophisticated governance structure to address administrative and legal requirements of operating the organization so The Storefront can focus on what it does best: facilitating collaboration, building community and helping people.

When determining the best legal, organizational and governance structure for The Storefront, we knew we had met an organizational kindred spirit when we learned about Tides Canada. Tides Canada embodies all of the values we had been striving to implement: leveraging the power of collaboration; allowing each party to bring his or her strengths to support and solve issues; clearly articulating roles, responsibilities and expectations thereby allowing us to maintain the innovative power-sharing processes central to our success. Tides Canada creates “uncommon solutions for the common good.” That’s exactly what we needed.