Service Delivery Hub

Residents use our services more than 40,000 times a year. Our hub is an inviting gathering place for the community. 

The Storefront manages relationships with 35 partner agencies that provide services to thousands of residents. For a list of agencies that work out of The Storefront, visit our Partners page.

Our innovative model offers many advantages to residents, agencies, funders and various levels of government:

  • Cost-effective – The Storefront hub model is a cost-effective way to ensure that underserved communities are provided with the support readily available in other areas of the city.
  • Access to community networks – The Storefront provides an effective outreach program. Because The Storefront is so well known and trusted in the community, partners that join have access to the existing network of residents, faith groups, schools, police and neighbourhood associations in the community.
  • Trust by association – Because The Storefront is trusted in the community, new partners are afforded immediate credibility.
  • Safe workspace with resources – Partner agencies are provided with a well-maintained, safe space in which to deliver services. This means they can focus on delivering services and not concern themselves with maintaining a building or ensuring all appropriate systems are in place (telephones, computers, Internet, etc).
  • Breakdown of isolation – The shared space and partner meetings further serve to create a feeling of community between the many agencies that had previously operated in isolation.

Additional resources:

  • A computer lab consisting of 14 computers, all connected to the Internet and printer, is available to residents to work on. A typical day in the computer lab will see job seekers updating their resumes, newcomers connecting with their loved ones back home, kids doing their homework and people using social media to feel connected.
  • A Photocopier, Fax and Scanner accessible to the public. These frequently used resources help students, job seekers and other community members get important information into the hands of the right people
  • A community telephone is available to residents, many of whom cannot afford their own phone.
  • Meeting space is home to myriad groups: homework clubs, a Tamil seniors’ group, youth groups, a seniors’ yoga class, mental health support groups and cooking groups.