Fast Facts

2001 The year East Scarborough Storefront opened at Morningside Mall
2005 The year East Scarborough Storefront moved to our current location: an old, repurposed police station (after Morningside Mall closed)
23,427 Population in East Scarborough community of Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park (Statistics Canada 2011)
30 Percentage of people living on incomes below the Low Income Cut-Off line (vs. 19% for the Toronto average) (Statistics Canada 2011)
21.5 Percentage that the community’s unemployment rate exceeds Toronto’s (i.e. our unemployment rate is 22% higher than TO’s ave.)
$33,177 Market Basket Measure thresholds for reference family of two adults and two children (Statistics Canada 2011)
$900 The approximate monthly benefi t received by a single person collecting Ontario Disability Support – 56% of LICO. The monthly income for someone on Ontario Works is signifi cantly less.
50 Percentage of population that are immigrants (Statistics Canada 2011)
22 Percentage of recent newcomers (arriving between 2001 and 2006)
5 Top non-official home languages spoken: Tamil, Tagalog, Bengali, Farsi, Urdu (Statistics Canada 2011)
40 Number of partner agencies providing services to residents
50 Number of community groups and organizations working with us to improve the community (local Police, resident associations, faith groups, Social Planning Council)
24 Number of languages spoken by staff and partners of The Storefront (Storefront 2015)
11,170 Number of hours Storefront volunteers contributed to their community last year
6,000+ Number of The Storefront visits made by youth between 13 and 29 (Storefront 2015)
40,600+ Number of client contacts each year at Storefront (Storefront 2015)
Area Served Kingston Road (south), Scarborough Golf Club Road (west), Ellesmere (north) and Morningside (east)

*Information based on most recent Census information 2011