The Three R’s: Relationships, Resources and Referrals 

At our one-stop-shop hub, approximately 40 partner agencies offer up to 10 hours of services per week so residents can access job search support, mental health counseling, after-school programs, legal advice, cooking classes and seniors and youth groups.

Service Delivery Partners

Special Project Partners

  • ArchiTEXT and – Leading the way by bringing architecture and creative community design to Kingston Galloway/Orton Park
  • University of Toronto and University of Toronto Scarborough Campus – Creating a meaningful University/Community partnership
  • TTG Consult Inc and CP Choice Consulting – Bringing the Business Incubator idea to reality
  • City of Toronto Boys and Girls Club of East Scarborough West Hill Community Services Supporting Storefront special projects in too many ways to list!

Need more information? Speak to a Community Resource Specialist at 416 208 9889 x 21.