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Thank you for contributing to our 2017
Neighbours Helping Neighbours
Community Product Drive!

Would you be interested in participating in a product drive in 2018?
Please contact Nadia Heyd and let us know
nheyd@thestorefront.org or 647-347-1693 ext 22.

LOOK at what YOU did for KGO from May 24 to June 2, 2017
(KGO stands for Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park, our neighbourhood)

Product Drive Jun 2017

All of the items you brought in are now on their way to two family shelters in Scarborough. Many people who are currently in a tight spot will be feeling your generosity when they know that they can have the things they need to take care of themselves and their families. Thank you so much for the generous act of sharing things with others – for helping your neighbours!

Did you miss the Product Drive and still want to help?

You can donate to The Storefront at our online giving page:



Thank you!


April 2017 – How Community Clean-ups Build Stronger Communities

Did you know that The Storefront is celebrating our 10th KGO* Community Clean Up Day this year?  Though the goal of an event like Clean-up Day may seem obvious, there is so much more to it than a more beautiful KGO.  (*KGO stands for Kingston-Galloway / Orton Park, our neighbourhood in East Scarborough.)

Here’s what happens at community clean up day that might not be so obvious:

  • When people unite in a common purpose, they feel more connected to each other.
  • When people feel more connected to each other, they participate in their communities more and feel a sense of belonging.
  • When people experience a sense of belonging, they feel empowered to work together, taking steps towards meeting community challenges or solving problems in their communities.

From Aspen Institute Roundtable on Community Change. Community Change: Theories, Practice, and Evidence. Edited by Karen Fulbright-Anderson and Patricia Auspos. Washington, D.C.: Aspen Institute, 2006.

So, this year, on Saturday, April 22, when you see community clean-ups happening in KGO – or anywhere else – you can feel good about more than community beautification. You can feel good about more connected communities, too!

We are expecting a crowd of close to 200 volunteers at our 10th Annual KGO Community Clean-up.  We will gather at 9am and at 9:30am we’ll disperse through the neighbourhood, picking up litter and leaving a cleaner, more beautiful, more connected community in our path!  After we tidy up, we’ll get together to enjoy a barbecue.

Photo - Clean-upVolunteers

To get involved, please contact us to register. Dip Habib is our Manager of Volunteers, Events and Facilities and would love to hear from you: diph@thestorefront.org or (416) 208-7897.

With our thanks and kudos to this year’s registered participants and supporters:

KGO Residents
Residents Rising
Giffen Mack Funeral Home
TD Bank Financial Group
BMO Bank of Montreal
City of Toronto
United Way of Toronto and York Region
Saint Martin De Porres Parish
Home Hardware – Kingston Rd. and Lawrence
All of our amazing Donors!

We hope to see you there!

Anne Gloger
Principal – East Scarborough Storefront


February 2017
East Scarborough Works:
A framework for Supporting Economic Well-being in KGO

Over the past year, support from our amazing community of funders, donors and community members has helped deepen connections in the community for “East Scarborough Works” a Storefront initiative that aims to connect local people to local jobs by ensuring that residents are job ­ready and well-prepared to take advantage of employment opportunities. We have been working on:

  • encouraging employers to consider the benefits of local hiring and incorporate local hiring as a key element of their company policies and recruitment strategies
  • assessing labour market and training needs and finding ways to enable residents to access training opportunities to help them become competitive job seekers

We know that there is much work to do to realize the vision of East Scarborough Works. And, thanks to being connected to so many amazing change-­makers, we are optimistic that together, we can make a significant impact for people by supporting and strengthening economic, social and emotional well-­being in our community.

Above, a photo from 2016 shows people connected to the Storefront gathered at UTSC (University of Toronto Scarborough) to map out connections between people and organizations in the community,­ an important foundational step in building East Scarborough Works.

As you may know, our approach to building community in East Scarborough is being noticed by other communities. They are asking for help, and we are responding by developing training and workshops through our new Centre for Connected Communities. We’re sharing our our approach and experiences so that neighbourhoods everywhere can work collaboratively and inclusively to make their own transformations.

Thank you for everything you do to help build a strong Storefront and a strong community in KGO and beyond!  If you’re not involved yet, and would like to be, please check out our “get involved” page, or contact us!

*KGO ­ Kingston­Galloway/Orton Park is our neighbourhood in East Scarborough.


Archived News:

Spring 2011 – Volume 1, Issue 5 (PDF)

Summer 2010Volume 1, Issue 4 (PDF)

February 2010Volume 1, Issue 3 (PDF)

January 2009Volume 1, Issue 2 (PDF)

January 2009Volume 1, Issue 1 (PDF)

Learning Changes

The Newsletter of the Anti-Poverty Community Organizing and Learning Project
Spring 2010Volume 1, Number 2 (PDF)

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