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General Community Information
Community Resource Specialists
416-208-9889 Ext. 21



Anne Gloger
416-208-7197 Ext. 39

Bernard Ntansah
Coordinator, Administrative Logistics
647-347-1693 Ext. 36

Calvin Kangara 
Coordinator, Resident Leadership Strategies
647-347-1693 Ext. 25

Carolyn Saenz-Esterhuyse
Manager, Local Economic Opportunities
416-208-7197 Ext. 40

Dip Habib
Manager, Volunteers, Events & Facilities
416-208-7197 Ext. 32

Ewa Cerda-Llanos
Manager, Community-University Initiatives 
647-347-1693 Ext. 30

Janet Fitzsimmons
Manager, Community Based Learning
416-208-7197 Ext. 37

Margaret Brimpong
Manager, Resident Leadership Strategies
647-347-1693 ext 23

Momina Zahid
Community Employment Specialist
416-208-7197 Ext. 49

Nadia Heyd
Coordinator, Donor Relations
416-208-7197 Ext. 27

Parm Ramdial 
Community Resource Specialist
416-208-7197 Ext. 38

Philip Isaacson
Community Engagement and Skills Development Specialist
647-347-1693 Ext. 36

Sanah Manickam
Local Economic Opportunities Specialist
416-208-7197 Ext. 42

Sarah Luca
Community Resource Specialist
416-208-9889 Ext. 38

Shane Beharry
Manager, Community Resource Connections
416-208-9889 Ext. 23

Umema Sharafali
Coordinator, Youth Engagement
647-347-1693  Ext. 24

Yalini Vijayanathen
Community Employment Specialist
416-208-7197 Ext. 46 

Zeba Tayabee
Community Employment Specialist
416-208-7197 Ext. 41

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