Vision, Mission, Values

The work that we do and the plans we make are all guided by our vision, our mission and our values

Storefront Vision

East Scarborough Storefront envisions a future where:

  • Community matters.
  • Everyone creates, innovates and shares learning.
  • Together we build abundant opportunities and resilience.

Storefront Mission

The Storefront facilitates collaboration, builds community and supports people to learn and create together, to live healthy lives, to find meaningful work, to play and thrive.

Our Values

We value

  • Hope and Optimism
  • Empathy
  • Fairness
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Enthusiasm and celebration
  • Collective wisdom and diversity of thought and experience
  • Mutual trust and respect


Strategic Directions

In 2014 The Storefront set the following priorities in order to attain our vision:

  1. Embed learning, reflection and sharing into everything we do
  1. Nurture an organizational culture where funders and donors are key partners in creating impact
  1. Understand and intentionally strengthen the complex, interconnected relationships between people, places and communities in KGO
  1. Create and improve shared spaces in KGO
  1. Develop sustainable mechanisms to support all those who work with and for Storefront as we plan for growth and change
  1. Strengthen development of The Storefront’s “Neighbourhood Backbone Organization” model and explore opportunities to support collective impact in KGO