Publications, Awards, Research and Articles

While we don’t seek out recognition, we’ve received quite a bit over the past few years. 

It is gratifying to know that our effectiveness is being recognized, that our model has been cited in articles and is the topic of research. We hope that recognition will lead to more people and communities learning about the way we work in community, so we can share our experiences and learn from others.


The Little Community That Could, The Story Behind Our Story – Our First Decade of Building Community Together(June 2012), published by East Scarborough Storefront, written by Cathy Mann

In this book, we share practical lessons learned from our first decade of building community together.

The Tower Community That Could—Tower Neighbourhood Renewal and The Storefront Approach to Community Development (2014)

Published by East Scarborough Storefront, written by Jaime Elliott-Ngugi and Anne Gloger



Award Recipient Grantor Date
Sheila Lupson Healthy Community Award East Scarborough Storefront Ontario Coalition for Healthy Communities​ 2017
Change Makers of Canada Janet Fitzsimmons Small Change Fund​ 2017
150 Scarborough Neighbours Anne Gloger and Dip Habib University of Toronto Scarborough​ 2017
Parliament of Canada Medal for Scarborough Guildwood Anne Gloger and Dip Habib MP John McKay​ 2017
Scarborough Award for Excellence Anne Gloger SNAP Media​ 2017
ICA Courage to Lead Award Anne Gloger ICA 2017
Jane Jacobs Prize Anne Gloger Spacing magazing​ 2017
Vital People Calvin Kangara Toronto Foundation 2015
Vital Ideas East Scarborough Storefront; Community-University Initiatives Toronto Community Foundation 2014
Vital People Anne Gloger Toronto Community Foundation 2013
Queen’s Jubilee Medal Dip Habib Government of Canada 2012
Queen’s Jubilee Medal Anne Gloger Government of Canada 2012
10 BIG IDEAS Anne Gloger Tides Canada 2011
Leading Women Building Communities Anne Gloger The Status of Women Canada 2011
Mayor’s Safety Award Douglas-a local youth supported by The Storefront City of Toronto and Bell Canada 2010
Identify N Impact Community Safety Committee-supported by The Storefront City of Toronto 2010
Tides Top 10, 2009 – highlighting change makers in Canada East Scarborough Storefront Tides Canada 2009
William P. Hubbard Award for Race Relations, 2007 Anne Gloger, Director, East Scarborough Storefront City of Toronto 2008
Atkinson Fellowship Award for Innovative Community Work Dip Habib, Coordinator of Volunteers and Events Atkinson Foundation 2008
Urban Hero Award for Community Work (Semifinalist) East Scarborough Storefront Scarborough Mirror 2010
Vital Ideas Award (2004) East Scarborough Storefront Toronto Community Foundation 2005



  • Toronto’s Inner Suburbs

Investing in Social Infrastructure in Scarborough (June 2011)

Deborah Cowen & Vanessa Parlette, University of Toronto

  • Social Infrastructure in the Inner Suburbs

Poverty and the Priority Neighbourhoods Strategy in East Scarborough

Deborah Cowen & Vanessa Parlette

Department of Geography and Programme in Planning University of Toronto

“This pilot study explores the impact of Priority Neighbourhood designation on the development of social infrastructure in one community in Southeast Scarborough: Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park. This research uncovers a range of creative approaches to targeted investment, local capacity building, and community governance that have a positive impact in cultivating social infrastructure that should be celebrated, supported, and shared.”

Brenda Roche and Joan Roberts

Wellesley Institute

“The East Scarborough Storefront (The Storefront) was chosen to explore and determine the critical factors and dynamics of partnership and collaboration that lead to a successful, formalized, inter-organizational service collaboration.  The Storefront stands out as a unique example of non-profit work, emerging out of a coalition of community members, local faith-based organizations, and community-based service providers who identified an area marked by an increasingly vulnerable population of newcomers with high needs who were under-served by agencies.” 

  • Trends in performance management

In 2010 the HR Council of Canada cited the East Scarborough Storefront as an innovative approach to best practices in human resources management.  A webinar was developed around The Storefront’s compensation strategy and an article written focusing on The Storefront’s approach to performance management.